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Workshops & Events
Anthony has offered workshops on consciousness themes and mindfulness at a number of centers in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California and Spain. He has lectured and done presentations at schools, churches, community centers, and child development centers.


He recently presented a series of workshops at the Triangle Community Center in Norwalk, Connecticut titled “Discovering Our Authentic Selves”. This series included topics such as “Compassion”, “Personal Boundaries”, “Body Image”, “Relationships”, and one of his favorites, “Falling In Love with Yourself”.


In addition, he has made several presentations to the clinical staff of a child development center in Darien Connecticut. There he offered stress and relaxation techniques to support the individuals working with children with emotional and psychological difficulties.


Anthony also recently presented a series of lectures on 'mindfulness in daily life' at several Connecticut churches. These lectures arose out of personal dialogues with local church leaders.



Stay tuned other upcoming workshops and classes.




Join Anthony at the upcoming “Journey to Elderhood”
Info at workshop at

Date:  March 18 to March 20, 2016

Location:  Easton Mountain


     -  What does aging mean to me? How do I deal with my fears of aging?

     -  How can I find fulfillment and dignity as I age?
     -  What is the purpose of my life after retirement?


Such questions of meaning and purpose arise in the quiet hours for many of us but are seldom asked, answered or even acknowledged in public.


Our first Journey to Elderhood weekend will provide practical information on the current options available as we prepare for elderhood and offer some direction in creating an "aging plan."


Click for event info.

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