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Client Experiences:

"Thank you for your brilliant facilitating skills and the wise counseling, support and warmth that comes through whenever you are in the room.  I knew you were definitely someone special when I met you, and I knew that you would play a pivotal role in allowing me to evolve and become more enlightened.  I am so grateful to you and feel so blessed to know you."     -- Esther

Anthony's style is one of a kind. He holds sacred space which allows true exploration of one's often self impeding patterns. His varied-modality approach, combined with a stratospheric level of compassion, gives him the ability to shine beautiful light, down sometimes dark paths. Each of my sessions with Anthony has been truly productive and transformational."    --- Oscar
"My thanks to Anthony for being the gardener of our spiritual selves.  It has always been difficult for me to feel at home with new experiences and people. I only felt that for a second when I walked into Anthony's first class. Thank you for making me feel at home."
-- Ava
"I just wanted to thank you... Your class meant more to me than I ever knew it could.  To know that it's possible to live another way, broken from a shell and unstuck from my old ways, it's liberating beyond words.  I am so excited to be alive."    -- CAT


"Anthony is an amazing therapist and teacher.  In the time that I have known Anthony, I have progressed spiritually and emotionally in ways I could never have anticipated.  Anthony has taught me that self love is the greatest gift I can bestow upon myself. This 
has led to amazing personal change and transformation in a very short time. Working with Anthony has made all of this possible 

and was one ofthe best decisions I have ever made. Anthony’s generosity and boundless love makes him one of the most unique people I have ever had the privilege of meeting."   -- C.A. Finance


“I follow a world renowned spiritual teacher who is a true master of yoga and meditation. From the moment I met Anthony I knew I was in the right place. I had many experiences when he would send me a healing and I would instantly feel better, or the answers to very deeply rooted questions would be answered during the course of working with him. I believe Anthony is a true master who can bring many different healing and spiritual practices together to find the unique way to help his client address any issue in the particular moment."  -- I.L. Teacher and Musician







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