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Sessions - Private Counseling:

Individual sessions are unique to each person.


My gift lies in my ability to sit in stillness with a client and listen deeply
to let the “truth” unfold of what is most needed.  In that stillness, I often am told what to do or how to proceed from the client's own higher self.


Methods might include guided meditation, some “emo-sensing”
(focusing on the emotion in the body and allowing images to surface -
as a means of getting to a deeper level of understanding);

working with the subconscious archetypes (for instance ones “inner judge”) with simple guided visualization;  breath work – in itself a
most powerful tool; or getting to the patterns underlying a “story” that
one is telling him/herself (usually unconsciously), which actually is running their lives. Again this is accomplished through guided visualization. 


It is in stillness that the answers most often arise to a person's deepest questions.









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