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Anthony began his formal studies in Mysticism learning and practicing Kundalini Yoga at Swami Rudrananda's Ashram in New York City. Although raised Catholic, the Indian heritage and practices of this ashram felt very familiar to him.  During this time he visited the Findhorn Community in Scotland where he had a direct experience of nature spirits and the devic and angelic realms. He saw first hand how the spirit world assisted the Findhorn gardeners to grow prolific gardens of flowers, herbs, plants and vegetables, where by all “natural accounts” nothing of this kind would be “scientifically” possible due to the sandy topography of this area, lacking in nutrients for plant life.

Following his BA Degree in English and Spanish Literature (he is

bi-lingual in this language), and a year studying and experiencing Spain, he earned a Master's Degree in Agency and School Counseling.  He spent eighteen years working with middle and high school students as a School Counselor, as well with the families of these students.  He ran a Hispanic Parents group in Spanish to help this minority group understand the school culture. 


At the same time he volunteered part-time at the Center for Hope

in Darien, Connecticut, where he facilitated groups for people with
life-threatening illnesses. This experience put him in direct contact with death and dying and has remained a part of his expertise ever since.  His clinical supervision under Dr. Mignon Lawless helped open the vista of supporting clients in moving beyond the “story” of their lives to remaining in the present moment to create a new reality for themselves in moving forward.     

In September of 2007, Anthony met his Spiritual Teacher, Derek O'Neill, of Dublin, Ireland, and has been studying with him since. 
In 2008 he was initiated as a Rising Star Practitioner, a healing modality channeled by Derek, followed by becoming a Prema Birthing Facilitator as well, a modality also channeled by his Teacher. Derek has had a profound effect on Anthony's life and work and has helped him renew his dedication to being of service for the rest of his life.


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