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The Rising Star is a powerful self-healing system. It is "self" because all healing is self-healing. The practitioner is trained to hold the energy and create the space for one to heal on whatever level one is ready for. This healing modality incorporates many other systems of healing from all around the world, such as India, Tibet, China, Japan, Europe and Celtic. The Rising Star was channeled by
Derek O'Neill, my Spiritual Teacher, and comes through an ancient lineage of master teachers. It works on the chakra system and clears, balances and transmutes negative and dysfunctional energy from them, affecting the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological well being of the client. I personally believe and have experienced that an individual receives exactly what is in their highest good.
This modality goes to the core and begins the healing process.
The Rising Star is a profound experiential system that has worked for many thousands of people around the world, bringing peace and relief from many forms of suffering and transforming lives for the better.




Prema Birthing is a birth into a new consciousness. Every time a person experiences this technique they will cancel programs that were running during the time between signing their birth contract and their physical birth process. These programs may still be running
their life in a limiting way. During a Prema Birthing session, the Divine Mother and Divine Father come together to become the client's Divine parents, as the old cord to their physical mother is cut by Archangel Michael's Sword of Truth. Prema Birthing is a very freeing, loving and joyful experience. It helps people release the old and reconnect with Divinity. This beautiful healing modality was channeled by Derek O'Neill.




Rooted in esoteric Buddhism, Reiki is a form of hands-on healing. The practitioner channels energy directly into the client’s chakras and energy meridians around the face, chest and torso. The client is treated while lying on a massage table. The advantage of Reiki is having a high level energy concentrated into your system. It is an extremely peaceful and nurturing practice.




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